ABOUT the series

“Photography has become a fleeting medium. Life in the Hood – the Dealings of Death – offers an eclectic mix of moving images, narration and stunning sound-design. The viewer will feel drawn into the images, feel the chill of being watched and the relief that, this time, it’s not about them.”

After two years of working on their award winning and worldwide published series “Wolfram’s Urban Adventures – tales of a modern day knight”, Dutch photographer Martijn van Oers and storyteller Andress Kools teamed up with sound designer Wouter Meijer to create Life in the Hood – the Dealings of Death. With this brand new series, the team takes visual storytelling to a new level.

Death is a subject largely ignored by us mortals. In 2016, Martijn van Oers turned 40 and realised he’s most likely starting the second (and final) part of his life. Where some men in their midlife crisis buy a sports car or start playing golf, Martijn decided he wanted to tell a visual story about the personification of Death. He had been shooting images of abandoned buildings for a couple of years and always thought these forgotten places would work very well as a backdrop for storytelling stills. As “decay” and “death” pretty much go hand in hand, he and Andress headed out late 2016 to find themselves in an abandoned church, shooting the very first image for Life in the Hood.